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last updated at 2003-08-12 17:03
danbri_: See ImageDescription in ESW Wiki.
danbri_: Time: 2pm BST = 1300 UTC. Place: #rdfig Duration: 1hr Topic: compare/contrast RDF schemas for Exif photo metadata.
simonstl: Thoughts provoked by four days of intense markup conference.
danbri_: Big section on use of Jabber...
danbri_: p88 includes nice foafnaut screengrab.
danbri_: Wish I could copy/paste quote from PDFs...
danbri: See also software download link.
GNUWookie: This document is presented to the XML-RPC community as a Request for Comments towards developing an authentication mechanism for XML-RPC.
GNUWookie: If XML-RPC is to be deployed as a transport for distributed object systems where object methods control the state of various processes, rather than merely disseminate public information, it will be necessary to guarantee that only authorized parties be able to effect the changes.
GNUWookie: Here is a python implementation Homepage
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