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last updated at 2003-08-11 17:06
AaronSw: Sam Ruby tests my RDF integration with Pie/Echo/Atom
AaronSw: My evil scheme is all going according to plan. ;)
danbri: Those files don't look like rdf to me, parseType=Resource missing maybe?
dajobe: close but not quite. In Sam's maxAtom.rdf property element <generator> has two 'nodes' inside
sbp: The Validator passes them. Check out atom.dtd for the missing attributes
sbp: Clever. Very clever. In fact, a little more than clever--pretty much Swartzesque. But <id> gets hung out to dry as a literal when it really wants to be an rdf:about on the enclosing typed node
danbri: Oh, interesting. I was wondering about that idea the other day, but concluded (forget why) that it was infeasible. Clever! I was thinking about xmlns: attributes more than parseType...
dajobe: RDF/XML does not use Infoset DTD infoitems
danbri: Yeah, most RDF parsers won't grok it. Does ARP and the validator?
sbp: No PSVI at all? Well, the validator validates the PSVI, so that ought to be changed. It's pretty misleading.
dajobe: XML parsers have a Big Switch set to validate/WF - most people set it to WF check only
dajobe: don't confuse PSVI with Infoset. Former is W3C XML schemas only.
danbri: See atom.dtd
AaronSw: More a PDVI than a PSVI. ARP and the Validator grok it fine.
dajobe: that's never been proof it's right :)
dajobe: it accepted rss2 for a long while
AaronSw: The rdf-syntax-grammar spec doesn't say it excludes DTDs and the Infoset includes them.
dajobe: it lists the infoitems it accepts and doesn't use explicitly
dajobe: the dtd idea is interesting, it's just not something I'd expect to work
AaronSw: The Infoset seems pretty clear to me when it says "[attributes] An unordered set of attribute information items, one for each of the attributes (specified or defaulted from the DTD) of this element."
danbri: But you can't mandate DTD processing just by citing a DTD.
eamonn: |RSS 1.0 Module: Context
danbri: See also actions in RDF, 25-rdfcore-actions.rdf.
danbri: oops wrong urls, that was week before.
danbri: Ah, last week's was logged at ILRT, see 2003-08-08. And week before last's: irc-transcript, actions
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