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last updated at 2003-08-10 20:04
GNUWookie: Their language consists of grunts and growls, and while they can understand other languages, their limited vocal ability makes it impossible for them to speak anything other than their own language.
GNUWookie: Shyriiwook is the name of the language
GNUWookie: Though Wookiees can understand Basic, and other galactic languages,their limited vocal apparatus can only produce their native tongues. The most common Wookiee language is Shyriiwook, a dialect of barks, growls, howls and roars. Wookiee language is very complex and liquid. Violence is such an everyday concern that there are 15 separate words for it in the Wookiee vocabulary.
GNUWookie: From the wookieprofile Wookie Profile
GNUWookie: Contains an RFC for a proposed syntax
jql: The URI syntax can be extended to map functions in other languages with smoke://<library>@<file>:<language>/
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