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last updated at 2003-08-06 19:05
danbri: The "RSS advisory board" is currently Dave Winer, Jon Udell, Brent Simmons.
danbri: Follows up the discussion I started in the RSS2 site.
bijan: This is me exercising not quite due dilligence.
DanC-AIM: ooh... Nifty.
danbri: lol
danbri: Some classes are disjoint. Eg. Person and Document.
danbri: ...which was useful in explaining possibility for FoafContradictions.
danbri: "We are not talking hacks, here, except in as much as the whole WWW is a great big hack." (TimBL, www-tag, 2003-08-06).
danbri: hacking++
dajobe: all images are 404
Extreme Markup notes
libby: see notes
danbri: Wanted this page to cite from weblog discussions re rss2
danbri: RSS2/RDF discussion (a bit one-sided) continues....
dajobe: new in 0.9.11 "Added raptor_set_default_generate_id_parameters and raptor_set_generate_id_handler to control the default generation of IDs, allow full customisation."
dajobe: so you can either tweak the "genid1" function such as starting as "genid<bigint>" or you can do your own thing, such as output anything you like
dajobe: <swh> with appologies for bad relational calculus, I'm very rusty
dajobe: a nice hybrid approach to rdfs entailment - forward chaining & backward (at query time)
danbri: "Freddie has found 3,612,159 bits of RDF info. (Properties). These span 179 namespaces."
danbri: That's a lot of namespaces. I think we've been too distracted by the triple count, since that has the impact on our databases...
danbri: Even if half of them are crap, or most ill-documented, this still represents a significant amount of work and content.
danbri: Interesting for WS description folk...
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