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last updated at 2003-08-03 23:45
ericP: some documentation for algae
ericP: not great 'cause Wiki's give you no actual control over the output.
mortenf: A preliminary test schema for redland with mysql
dajobe: looks ok. Lots of people have a URI/local ID tables, sometimes optional
dajobe: /me slaps down the premature optimisation. bad me
danbri: I have a content table (URIs-as-strings, content as strings) and triples (as numbers). But then for my own sanity, make an SQL view called 'simple' that flattens it back to p, s, o etc. in string form.
mdupont: argv[0] = directory of the dbfile : eg "."
mdupont: argv[1] = name of the base of the database file : eg :_PackVarArgs
mdupont: argv[2] = name of the output file, eg : foo.n3
mdupont: XMIws.cs is 2.5 mb of c#
mdupont: that contains all the terms from the xmi spec and supporting docs as rdf predicates
mdupont: sane people will question the value of this
mdupont: The perl script to create the webservice this contains all the terms extracted
mdupont: contains 1203 terms, each can be used as an rdf predicate
mdupont: the compiler crashs on this example
mdupont: Has the beginnings of a plan there
mdupont: 245k bzip2, 5,795,224 byes uncompressed, 68,360 statements
mdupont: I named this badly, it should be cvm, not cwm
dajobe: may contain some out of date stuff, let me look
dajobe: yes, I will fix that right now
dajobe: ok, updated, fixed XC14N of XML strings and removed langs from typed literals
danbri: See also mozilla bug 155730, same concern re RDF.
danbri: Am about to try a rebuild trying this as a fix to make RDF files viewable.
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