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last updated at 2003-06-25 22:36
mdupont: This is interesting for doing documentation of the terms of the computing community
mdupont: this is the dotgnu chatlog
mdupont: this program groups statements from a subject or about a subject into hash
mdupont: this is a report over all the statements about dgee in dotgnu
danbri: RSS-related links in Japan.
on RDFS semantics of subClassOf, range, etc.
DanC: cf request for feedback on domain and range semantics 25 Oct from Hayes
DanC: ugh; DanC was party to keeping this off the issues list 25Oct
DanC: jang notes if vs. iff in his review of 6Jan
next meeting (agendum K)
DanC: PROPOSED: to meet again in 2 weeks, Wed 9 July at 1600Z for <=90min.
DanC: postponed: repeating events(E)
DanC: postponed: InterpretationProperties, esp as applied to timezones (agenda item F)
nym: My event module that I'm going to use for Burning Man. Comments appreciated
nym: the event module is simple, it includes statedate, enddate, organizer, type (of event), and geo:point for locational purposes
timbl: "Use semantic augmentation if you desire to give i.e. a phone number to the organizer." semantic augmentation?
libby: a bit underspecified, but quite well used
DanC: cf ThingsVersusTheirNames
DanC: the geo:Point example doesn't parse
an email vocabulary/schema and tools (agendum H)
DanC: cf EmailVocabulary
DanC: webont-lcs-comments.rdf is built using
Round-tripping RDF ical tests, (agenda item G)
DanC: ACTION mortenf: take a stab at regression tests for .ics->.rdf and/or .rdf->.ics
InterpretationProperties, esp as applied to timezones (agenda item F)
libby: see 14th may action InterpretationProperties, esp as applied to timezones]
libby: continued
repeating events - optimset in skical, repeating in icalendar, with respect to opening hours in particular (agenda item E)
representing attendance (calendar agendum D)
DanC: news on DanC's action?
DanC: from 23Apr
DanC: a start: representing attendance, plans to attend
DanC: pls continue in email
handling prodid (calendar agendum C)
libby: see initial weblong action item
DanC: some notes
DanC: example output shows "-//Apple Computer\, Inc//iCal 1.0//EN" becomes xmlns:x=''
DanC: libby's action from 26Feb is done; she has accepted another one to add support to and add a couple schemas under cal/prod
mortenf: seeAlso RFC 2445
RDF calendar meeting at 1600UTC today
libby: see agenda (see thread)
libby: 2003-06-25, 1600UTC
DanC: weblog of previous meeting, 11 June
DanC: nearby: www-rdf-calendar list archive, RdfCalendar wiki topic, RDF Calendar Workspace
DanC: chatlog
DanC: Dan Connolly aka DanC attending
mortenf: Morten Frederiksen attending
libby: libby Miller attending
danbri: Dan Brickley attending
_joshua: looks like they're reinventing RDF.
edd: I'm not so sure they're reinventing RDF. The trouble with RDF for this application is that it works fine for metadata, but falls down a bit where the actual content itself is concerned. There've been some tortuous attempts to carry around HTML markup around inside RSS.
edd: It will be interesting to see how it all develops. There are many obstacles, most of them down to process and politics.
Morbus: I'm, personally, staying out of it.
AaronSw: No, you're supposed to complain we're reinventing RSS.
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