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last updated at 2003-04-24 22:16
DanC: updated 'How can I check that my RDF document conforms to an RDF schema?' with pointers to some tools
dajobe: RDF checking tools
alberto: WMS server demo display maps of Apache/FreeBSD developers/commiters and others
alberto: need to be RDF-ied one of these days - the back end is pure perl/C
optionals, provenance and transformation into RDF queries (agenda item H)
#undef resource in Andy's ResultSet vocabulary (agenda item G)
libby: arjohn's message to www-rdf-rules
libby: resolved to arjohn's satisfaction
libby: ACTION libby report back to www-rdf-rules about this meeting
previous RDF query testcases meetings actions and plans (agenda item E)
date of next RDF query tests meeting (agenda item D)
libby: RESOLVED: to meet 2003-05-15, 1430UTC
rdf query tests meeting today, 1430 UTC
libby: agenda
libby: attending Libby Miller
eikeon: attending eikeon
AndyS: Andy Seaborne
alberto: Alberto Reggiori
libby: ACTION libby convert squish and RDQL jena tests to ntriples and circulate by date of next meet
libby: RESOLVED: (p.ntriples.1 ) get all our simple conjunctive queries from tests in ntriples format, and write a meta-generator to convert between different syntaxes for query, by 15th May meeting
MarkB: you want geo info? give 'em eye candy baby, yah
DanC: what plugin or whatever am I missing? I can't see anything
DanC: see also geourl
DanC: discussion raised the EmbeddingRDFinHTML question
danbri: "Ben Hammersley reports on his exclusive glimpse of a new weblog program set to take the web by storm".
danbri: "The company behind one of the weblog world's most popular tools is preparing to launch a new service which will attack market leaders head on."
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