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last updated at 2003-04-23 22:15
DanC: W3C Working Draft 10 February 2003
DanC: in last call, I think
DanC: wow... status section is over a screenful/page
DanC: odd... SOTD includes notice of open issues. I thought last call meant "all our issues are closed"
danbri: From Norm Walsh. "Jpegrdf reads and manipulates RDF metadata stored in the comment section of JPEG images. It can extract, query, and augment the data. Manipulating JPEG images with jpegrdf does not modify the actual image data or any other sections of the file."
danbri: "Version 1.1 includes the ability to provide decoder classes for proprietary fields in the EXIF data. I've also cleaned up the code a little bit and submitted my jpeg library changes back to the W3C folks."
DanC: one for esw:ImageDescription
DanC: hmm... my favorite is pfx = ns[pfx]; if xmlnamechar(pfx[-1]): pfx = pfx + '#'; uri=pfx + lname
DanC: satisfies the invertible requirement
DanC: to discuss: XML schema naming expressions have more than just ns uri and localname. need to know whether you're referring to a type decl or an element decl etc.
DanC: cite discussion in (where? rdf-logic?) about using qnames across XSLT and RDF, and how it matters where you split the URI
sandro: Yeah -- hash-vs-slash, how to be invertable, and what to do about people who don't write their XML with this in-mind......
round-tripping RDF ical tests, (agenda item I)
authoritativeness and completeness of data for scheduling purposes (agenda item H)
useful vocbularies for events (e.g. location, topic...) (agenda item G)
DanC: danc's foaf home KB or home-smart.rdf
danbri: I started notes in ESW:AnnounceOMatic towards harvesting event data from W3C mailing lists, specifically conference announcments...
DanC: RESOLVED that all attendees of this meeting who build robots should respect robots.txt and use ETags or at least explain why not
DanC: Upcoming Events discovered on the Semantic Web, a service by eikon, found my flights.
DanC: a wiki topic around "the harvest gatherer/broker and cacheing design" seems to be brewing... near pubsub
DanC: source of upcoming events
DanC: ACTION DanC: follow up in email about how folks should relate themselves to events they plan to attend. ical:attendee? cyc:socialParticipants?
DanC: RESOLVED: that folks should be encouraged to link their RDF calendars from their foaf home thingies via rdfs:seeAlso (@@e.g. danc's, libby's)
libby: mattb's enhanced scutterplan with lastmodified among other things
cal/geo usecase: opening hours of a thing that has a place (item E)
DanC: continued from 9Apr
DanC: ACTION libby: write a converter from chefmoz opening housr format to rdf calendar format (or icalendar format maybe?). continues, with danbri helping
DanC: re 'concentric circles', see esw:GeoOnion
DanC: irc log includes more pointers and discussion
x-properties and namespaces (agenda item D)
DanC: continued from 26 Feb
DanC: ACTION libby: to build/test what we decided on 26Feb, continued
libby: meeting here 2003-04-23 1600UTC
libby: revised agenda
dajobe: including photos, list of favourite sites, books, ...
danbri: ooooh, that's interesting...
danbri: whee, "Other features include real-time statistics, posting by email, and automatic creation of Friend of a Friend data - instantly taking an experimental standard and taking it to the mainstream."
DanC: DanC attending
libby: Libby Miller attending
eikeon: eikeon attending
mattb: Matt Biddulph attending
danbri: Dan brickley attending
DanC: next meeting looks like 14May at 1600Z, though we didn't formally decide.
DanC: RESOLVED: to cancel 7May
libby: 2003-05-14, 1600UTC
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