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last updated at 2003-04-18 22:15
danbri: 'In a clarifying statement, released Oct. 2, the top execs at Reuters explained: "Our policy is to avoid the use of emotional terms and not make value judgments concerning the facts we attempt to report accurately and fairly."' (source?)
danbri: Same issue comes up in RDF/OWL vocabulary design, but hasn't to date proved too urgent / controversial.
danbri: cites Introduction to IXO (Information Exploitation Office), which points to Director's IXO Overview. Under Current Projects we find 'DARPA Agent Markup Language'.
danbri: "IXO is a new office at DARPA, launched in part because the Department of Defense, and related groups, have fully recognized C4ISR as a major contributor to battlefield effectiveness. T he President of the United States has publicly endorsed the need for technologies that continuously locate, track, and kill moving land targets ? a central focus of our office."(Information Exploitation)
danbri: "In the Information Integration area, we are working on a DARPA agent mark-up language called DAML, which is now being used to provide semantics-based markups of intelligence reports. In the future, DAML will enable the Services to rapidly construct dynamic, agent-enabled, semantic, web-based C4KISR networks. We are developing other agent technologies and applying them to applications such as survivable logistics information systems in
danbri: Possibly the only RDF application I've no enthusiasm for...
mortenf: Perhaps that should be "negative" instead of "no"?
danbri: Another poor taste KillOMatic GIF...
danbri: I wonder if anyone yet has been killed via RDF-based technology. You know you've hit the bigtime when... :(
earle: If they have, at least you can know how to classify it.
DanC: issued 2003-03-04 by DCMI Usage Board
DanC: "Typically, the name of a Creator should be used to indicate the entity."
DanC: where did agentName go?
mortenf: Proposal: Names in FoaF
DanC: using rdf:li for sortname strikes me as massive overkill
mortenf: Yep, if it was for only that.
DanC: I spent some time studying naming in TopicMaps last night. basename/sortname/displayname are fundamental parts of the topicmap model
DanC: and they have scopes for names
DanC: that appeals to me. e.g. (in LTM): [texas = "TX" / usps]
DanC: see also PropertiesForNaming
DanC: and recent mail to public-webont-comments (LinkMe) about icelandic names and such.
DanC: and recent OWL requirements comments about firstname/lastname; thread goes into icelandic names and such.
DanC: there's a basic question of "what are you trying to model?" if you're trying to find an existing international convention for modelling people's names, there doesn't seem to be a ubiquitously deployed one. If you're making up something new for the foaf community, that's a whole different ballgame.
DanC: I wonder what ldap and vcard do.
mortenf: Searches high and low yield nothing but single-strings or first/last/given/family - nothing out of the ordinary.
DanC: I have some use for surname. see meeting people
DanC: niftiest part of this proposal is the statistical data, which, for example, justifies sticking with surname over family_name
danbri: They showed up in #foaf a few weeks back, I forget the IRC nicks offhand. Were working on an RDF view...
danbri: Talked about extending foafcorp vocab to cover more of what their app does...
danbri: descended from previous perl, and before that java, implementations.
DanC: an example of using the cwm api
DanC: I hope the cwm api will get documented using doctest sometime soon.
DanC: and convergence with rdflib (LinkMe) is a goal too.
danbri: I was looking at EricP's perllib too. He has explicit 'atom dictionary' mechanism for ensuring quickly-comparable nodes.
DanC: re comparing symbols as pointers rather than as strings, I hope the cwm API uses weakref dictionaries soon
danbri: Jan Grant wrote a report on RDF API comparision. It mentions provenance, didn't see much on terms/factories/etc
DanC: argh! where/when info on homepage is in a gif. get WaiHappy
DanC: 28 Sep - 2 Oct 2003 in Seattle, Washington
DanC: close the loop on dc:creator and ThingsVersusTheirNames?
danbri: includes editor markup, eg: <editor rdf:parseType="Resource"><contact:fullName>Brian McBride</contact:fullName></editor>
danbri: No email addresses or homepages for editors though, data merge w/ other sources might be fiddly.
danbri: See generated RDF
danbri: Nearby: (via WG homepage, memberlist section), WebOnt WG membership in RDF.
danbri: "PhotoData is a system of permanently associating information with an image, and for making that information universally accessible."
DanC: by Daniel Veillard
DanC: v 1.6 2003/04/17
DanC: seems there's life after SAX after all.
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