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last updated at 2003-04-11 23:40
burtonator_: not Open Source
danbri: An RDF/XML use case: saying that a document is about some specified person
danbri: I'd like to understand what a Topic Maps approach would use.
danbri: Flamebait: foaf:topic handles many of the interesting XTM use cases. foaf:primaryTopic (which doesn't exist yet) does half of whatever's left...
JibberJim: Currently very experimental model, hence the URN: namespaces.
JibberJim: You may be able to get an SVG View.
DanC: nifty.
DanC: re amount/currency, see InterpretationProperties
DanC: dc:name... hmm... see PropertiesForNaming, which doesn't really show a good solution, but discusses the issue
danbri: Or, why the FOAFBulletinBoard no workie.
danbri: I want to make a similiar bulletin board for RDFIG members, so this is a pain :(
earle: currently document-centric
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