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last updated at 2003-04-10 20:54
DanC_jam: Eclipse -- a Java IDE
DanC_jam: also: new eclipse 2.1 deb Apr 2003 to debian-java
dajobe: and a Perl IDE, and a C IDE,...
DanC_jam: Stefan D. uses this (on Windows XP)
DanC_jam: cvs support
larsbot: Paper about topic maps and RDF that discusses data and schema conversion as well as the relationship to OWL
em: quick review from em
tim|mit: Apparently ignores/unaware of difference bteween contact and contact#me
dajobe: great format, book - I recommend it
dajobe: on my pile, skimming it looks interesting (I'm not primarily an OSX user)
Semantic Web Services Initiative Meeting
DanC_jam: in Miami, FL
DanC_jam: Katia convened it just now. some notes in #rdfig
DanC_jam: previous meetings in Sardenia last June, in Portland (prev DAML PI meeting)
DanC_jam: April 10-12, 2003
DanC_jam: Tim Finin has accepted scribe duties. to appear in www-ws
DanC_jam: agenda + overview of current state
DanC_jam: agenda + relation with W3C activities
DanC_jam: agenda + Business Case for Semantic Web Services
DanC_jam: agenda + Presentation (Language Committee)
DanC_jam: agenda + Presentation (Architecture Committee)
DanC_jam: agenda + Discussion (meeting objectives and Products, Procedures of operation, Action Items)
DanC_jam: also present: Dieter Fensel, Murray Burke, ...
DanC_jam: home page is The international joint Sematic Web Services ad hoc Consortium (SWSC)
DanC_jam: seems there was a kick-off meeting in Innsbruk [sp?].
DanC_jam: Austin Tate asks about connections to grid; mentions upcoming grid/web-services ftf thingy. [where when? Jun?]
DanC_jam: danc has to leave presently (during Language Committee item). above agenda covers today. tomorrow and Sat are for technical committees, I gather.
tim|mit: Should be RDF ...
jhendler: the English version is here
danbri: Could these be used as RDF properties? The binary ones anyway! A non-existent swad-europe tshirt to anyone who implements such a thing...
danbri: (I expect the tshirts to exist at some point later this year...)
tim|mit: See Cwm Built-in properties
tim|mit: |List of XMLQ/XPath query functions and operators, with some comments about RDF.
tim|mit: In progress
ericP: | algae test cases
attendee list for query test meet
libby: Libby Miller
Jeen: Jeen Broekstra
tim|mit: Tim Berners-Lee
danbri: Dan Brickley, W3C.
AndyS: Andy Seaborne
arjohn: Arjohn Kampman
alberto: Alberto Reggiori
alberto: Jena RDQL tests using new manifest
alberto: Alberto and Andy's work to map Jena RDQL tests to new manifest see here
query test meet agnda item 3: [G] Describing triple-pattern queries in RDF/XML, N-Triples, N3.
query test meet agnda item 2: [F] query events at www2003
libby: see Wiki entry for WWW2003 Budapest Birds of a feather meet
libby: <danbri> See url in the agenda for details. I am still waiting for final 'ack' from the organisers, i expect they're overloaded, but I think the meeting is a 'go'.
query test meet agenda item 1: [E] implementing the manifest and resultset formats: how far have people
libby: got and what issues have they run into
libby: arjohn has implemented andy's resultset format in serql demo
libby: squish tests available
libby: seetests repository for manifest and resultset formats
libby: A Simple N-Triples isomorphism utility
tim|mit: A simple buggy but useful canonnicalizer fro NTriples
libby: ACTION danbri take a look at for comparing graphs
libby: ACTION danbri mix in his namespace for syntax of query with alberto's format
danbri: rubyrdf test cases, and circulate pointer
libby: tim|mit I'd like Danbri's action on possibly refactoring namespaces (IIRC) to include checking with me as I have $SWAP/reify# and $SWAP/reason# which are related
libby: Alberto and Andy's work to map Jena RDQL tests to new manifest see here
DanC_jam: sent to daml-security 30Jan by Chris Bizer
RDF query testcases meeting today at 1430UTC
libby: list of 1430UTC in different timezones
libby: agenda
libby: some squish tests in Andy's and Alberto's formats readme
danbri_fr: I started doing some rdf query testing in rubyrdf, but not moved to new manifest yet. My current manifest is more about squish syntax anyway; but stuff i'm starting to test is absolutely what the common formats are for.
libby: next meeting 2003-04-24 UTC
danbri_fr: This is really cool! Lots of phones (etc?) described in RDF. Some realworld, some proof-of-concept or sample.
danbri_fr: Reading it, I can imagine building a nice little website from it organised by phone features.
libby: my phone, a P800 is listed :)
Jeen: With this plugin, you can edit data in a Sesame repository directly from IsaViz.
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