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last updated at 2003-04-08 23:48
em-lap: BioMOBY is an international research project involving biological data hosts, biological data service providors, and coders whose aim is to explore various methodologies for biological data representation, distribution, and discovery.
em-lap: found this site via an interesting post
em-lap: anyone familiar with this group?
em-lap: by Uche
em-lap: " RDF/XML isn't the only representation of an RDF model. The W3C developed N-Triples, a format for an RDF representation that is especially suited for test suites. Here, Uche Ogbuji introduces N-Triples using examples converted from RDF/XML."
libby: Examples of geo markup for SWAD-Europe
libby: chumped testerday, but I've taken a bunch of the lat/long stuff out and put it in the ESW wiki (GeoVcard)
libby: I've added some stuff about locating projects, although I might take that out later....
libby: can something have several nearest airports? as in SWAD-Europe has 5 partners with 3 nearest airports so project has 3 nearest? I''m tying myself up in knots :)
libby: SWAD-Europe marketing - one thing we were planning to do with the data if we got it off lots of people]
DanC: problem report from Hugo
danbri: I started on an XSLT to convert it to RDF
danbri: But I don't know XSLT so well... how do i stop that last bit of markup leaking out thru the xslt at the end restaurant tag.
danbri: Ok, i learned some xslt. Works now. Vocab needs attention next.
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