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last updated at 2003-04-07 22:49
danbri: W3C Working Draft 26 March 2003
Grr, all that wiki-authoring has screwed with my intuitions for #rdfig chump syntax >:|
libby: a draft - comments gratefully recieved to
libby: what we might do with it later
danbri: Thinking about the RestaurantRecommendation use case, I see some overlap with markup to represent (postal etc) addresses. Graham had a proposal for extending foaf for that somewhere, and DanC has addressbook export work in progress.
libby: there are two parts, one nearestAirport, and one more complex with lat/longs. maybe the nearest airport is enough...
danbri: How does a 'space' relate to an 'address'? Hmm wonder what the Danish data looks like in this regard. From spacenamespace:dk, a sample address (uses cyc vocab).
libby: I'm trying to write something that will persuade people to tell us roughly where they work, without being controverial
libby: because it's interesting to find out where SW researchers are located.
danbri: "New technology for describing old protocols. Many of the networked services we use on the Web, and with the Web, predate our current concern for XML-based protocols. "
danbri: "HTTP and SOAP are great and everything, but how about trying to use RDF/XML for describing the kinds of services that already populate the Internet. ldap, SSH, SMTP, IMAP, POP, IRC, Z39.50... there are dozens of protocols out there already, exchanging cryptic messages on different ports. Some, but not all, are standardised. "
danbri: "But there is no standard or even defacto mechanism for describing and discovering them all. Or none that I've heard of.... How for example do gameplayers find Quake servers? How do I remember how many Web servers I'm running, their ports and purposes?"
danbri: ...etc. A quick sketch of a web service spec I could get enthusiastic about...
danbri_lap: "SQLite is a C library that implements an embeddable SQL database engine."
danbri_lap: "Implements most of SQL92. ... Two times faster than PostgreSQL and MySQL for many common operations."
danbri_lap: Has anyone here tried it? Do the SQL ommissions make it less suitable than PostgreSQL or MySQL for use with RDF query? (self-joins etc...)
danbri_lap: Sounds interesting. Anyone know more? EricM?
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