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last updated at 2003-04-04 23:38
DanC: please try it yourself and let us know how it goes. (it's a Wiki page. you can scribble on it.)
danbri_lap: Is it just US cities?
DanC: no, weather underground covers the globe
danbri_lap: re input data, <usps:stateAbbr>TX</usps:stateAbbr> doesn't make sense for non-US. Do we just omit it?
DanC: bummer... Toronto,Canada doesn't work... weather underground indirects thru a set of choices
libby: not all checked but things starting t_ seem to be ok
libby: use with care. And there is a bunch of data missing at the moment, because my regexes aren;t too hot.
DanC: a formalized (ok, well, scraped) version of my index of travel/talks
DanC: I have rules to turn the city names into lat/long; haven't done that yet
DanC: I'm considering using real RDF datatypes for the dates; haven't done that yet. using InterpretationProperties for now
DanC: worked around lack of syntactic inverse properties in RDF using rdf:value. hope to document that in the ESW wiki
DanC: at least a few of the events are working; not sure about all of them. it's a lot of data to debug.
DanC: still feeling schizophrenic about PropertiesForNaming
DanC: anybody wanna do an SVG animation of it for me?
danbri_lap: Only two?
jhendler: not strictly SemWeb, but timbl has been heard to complain about the amount of sex stuff on the web
jhendler: thought this one would make him feel a little better...
chatting with aBhaid about relational databases and RDF
libby: logs
danbri: More RFID interestingness
chaalsTRN: Would be nice if it could accept IATA coads too.
chaalsTRN: An SVG that gets the data and puts spots on things. Known to work in IE using Adobe plugin. I think it works in Batik too. Don't know about Mozilla
JibberJim: Hmm, that should be easy, but I've not plugged it together anywhere, best chance to get something similar is to mark up some RDF for your journey and have it displayed.
DanC: this looks like fun. bummer I'm not going
DanC: Emerging Technologies, an O'Reilly conference Apr 22-25, Santa Clara, CA
DanC: By Ben Hammersley March 2003
DanC: IB5 978059600K83890000 (via cuecat)
DanC: arrived in a care package from O'Reilly today
DanC: IB5 978059600372290000
DanC: by By Sal Mangano
DanC: December 2002
DanC: good stuff on date calculations and formatting
DanC: what's the license for all the code in this book? can I download it somewhere?
DanC: yes, examples are available
DanC: 3.6M! compressed!
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