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last updated at 2003-03-31 23:28
danbri_lap: I added ESW's RSS feed...
DanC: March 24, 2003 By Daniel J. Weitzner
DanC: hope to read this soon
ericP: make file to use algae to grab Disco (bunch of WSDL pointers) and populate persistent DB
timbl: Linked from SWAP test area
bitsko: I discovered early on that writing a unit test first was just about as much effort as any manual or ad-hoc testing I ever did afterward, and yet I was left with a written test after the task was done. I cringe now whenever I watch another coder do lots of testing in an IDE or at a prompt, just to half of the effort be wasted (one half validating the current code, the other half having it permanently validated).
danbri: "There will be (meeting room not confirmed yet) an RDF Query Testing 'Birds of a Feather' (BOF) meeting, 22 May 2003 Budapest, HUNGARY."
danbri: I plan to announce this to www-rdf-rules as soon as it gets linked from www2003 site, or in next couple days, whichever sooner...
danbri: Suggestions/tweaks anyone?
danbri_lap: ...waiting to happen
danbri_lap: For now, just some scribbles (via #foaf, oafbot and ScratchPad) on some work Charles, Max and I begun on SVG, RDF and photo description with imagemaps.
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