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last updated at 2003-03-29 19:26
danbri: " Arab satellite TV network?s nameservers changed to MyDomain URL forwarding service by hacker; MyDomain reacts by suspending service."
danbri: "VANCOUVER, Wash. ?, host to more than 600,000 domain names using its free URL forwarding and e-mail services, discovered this morning the domain had been moved to MyDomain servers. MyDomain has learned from NavLink, the company that hosts the Web site from its data centers in France, that Al Jazeera?s domain name account at Network Solutions was compromised.(...)"
danbri: Where's the Web Of Trust when you need one?
danbri: "(...) The hacker changed the Web site?s nameservers to point to MyDomain nameservers and erected a page displaying the American flag."
danbri: A Semantic Web use case? proving you own an internet domain...
niq: Proof of the reality of cyberterrorism (as if we needed it)
danbri: I read this hack was pulled using faked letter headed paper. It's like PGP never existed... :(
danbri: Related to accretor, see irc/wiki scratchpad page
danbri: Hex/Grault knows more. I'm just rummaging around this stuff now.
danbri: Wonder how it deals with parallel updates problem...
danbri: <hex> accretor is an instance of wikibot.
earle: hex is earle on this network
earle: as to parallel updates, um, I have no idea. It's not very sophisticated :)
earle: accretor is running in #core on rhizomatic
danbri: Ok for #rdfig folk to join #core and play about a bit? I'd be interested in possibility of running it here...
earle: absolutely
danbri_lap: I forked off a POE-based version,, as I want one for #foaf and Net::IRC doesn't work from the server.
danbri_lap: OAF doesn't work yet, but the things-to-do-next should be obvious. It does run, and uses POE to connect to two IRC channels, demo'd by copying text between them. Note that this makes a multi-headed chatbot look rather feasible.
danbri_lap: ...although let's not get ahead of ourselves. It don't work at all yet.
danbri_lap: But multi-headed chatbot would be sweet. Did I mention that yet? ;)
danbri_lap: Ok, it works now. Multi-headed (after a fashion) too. Running as 'oafbot' in #foaf and #oaf, scrawling into FoafWiki:ScratchPad.
danbri: Using RDF query for RDF/XML document typing
danbri: A bit rough but imho an area worth revisiting now we have OWL
danbri: with online demo (rss example...)
bitsko: Describes adding XML literals and operators to ECMAScript.
bitsko: An XML literal is exactly as one would expect: foo = <p>some <i>random</i> well-formed markup</p>;
bitsko: «A very common task in XML processing is navigation. Native XML scripting addresses this problem by adopting the familiar dot operator ".", commonly used for accessing the fields, methods and properties of an object, for accessing the children of an XML value. In addition, it adds a new dot-dot operator ".." for accessing descendents (i.e., children, grandchildren, etc.) of an XML value. These operators are conceptually similar to the "/" and
bitsko: "/" operators found in XPath, but they use syntax designed to be more intuitive for developers familiar with navigating objects (and they don?t conflict with the use of "/" and "//" for numeric division and comments).»
danbri: Placeholder to come back to, I have to go offline now!
timbl: tim continues
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