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last updated at 2003-03-16 03:55
danbri: Using Xpath in SQL queries, eg: xpath_bool(article_xml,'/beatles/beatle[@alive="yes"]');
danbri: via libxml and PostgreSQL extension functions.
danbri: I'd love to see someone wire this up to one of the Postgres-backed RDF query systems...
danbri: "Contact me for the software in its current unlicensed, undocumented state, or watch this space for a properly packaged distribution."
danbri: See also John Udell on SQL and XPath.
danbri: "The overall objective of the challenge is to apply "Semantic Web Techniques" in order to build an online application that integrates, combines, and deduces information needed to assist users in performing tasks. The challenge will continue for at least five years and will be updated annually, according to the development of the Semantic Web."
danbri: Their 'personal info' example (framed site or i'd link) is just what we're doing with FOAF. Hmm maybe could enter some FOAF stuff...?
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