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last updated at 2003-03-06 22:32
danb_lap: IRTF being 'Internet Research Task Force'
libby: see readme
libby: usage: java -jar compareQueries-0.1.jar
libby: I can't vouch for the generated queries' accuracy at this point!
libby: see also summary of the IRC meeting about testing RDF query
libby: all based on Eric prud'hommeaux's work on comparing RDF query anguages
mdupont: this is not done yet
danb_lap: Wiki, feel free to add/edit
dajobe: no, it's a google search
dajobe: as such, will be returning different results when you come back to this
SethR: contexts are not stable resources
SethR: i hereby assert the dialogue at Social Meaning Discussion - Agenda into the context named "pragmatic meaning" "semantic meaning"
SethR: the string ' "semantic meaning" "pragmatic meaning" ' is quite independant of Google. It identifies and refers to a context.
danbri: Noting this already chumped, sorry.
danbri: non-slides from danbri
danbri: "Hypertext RDF: a technique for measuring RDF vocabulary deployment?"
dajobe: and social meaning discussion later
dajobe: see Social Meaning, by Kendall Grant Clark
dajobe: meeting chat logs for Thursday
dajobe: RDF and HTML discussion
dajobe: related to mixing XML syntaxes XHTML +MathML +SVG Profile
dajobe: A Tale of Two Layerings, Peter F. Patel-Schneider invited talk
danbri: Was wondering if anyone has done more on that front (RSS for bookmark sharing) in recent times...
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