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last updated at 2003-02-09 23:52
mdupont: The Fiduciary Licence Agreement (FLA) seeks to strengthen the legal fundament of Free Software by allowing Free Software authors to make the FSF Europe their fiduciary for all legal issues.
mdupont: This is in principle very similar to what the FSF North America has been doing with its Copyright Assignments (CAs) for the GNU Project in order to secure the legal fundament on which our operating system stands.
mdupont: As some readers will know, the continental European "Droit d'Auteur" (authorship right) tradition is in some parts significantly different from the Anglo-American Copyright tradition.
mdupont: Contains test cases
mdupont: and it works
danbri: See also updated patch link from end of that page.
danbri: OK, that was painless: rss.xml for rdfweb-dev, I just patched my live mailman installation. Sweet.
danbri: See #rdfig chat w/ zoyd for context.
danbri: "Otherwise, this version is the same as the previous version and is written so as to preserve the Free Software Foundation's assessment of GPL compatibility and OSI's certification under the Open Source Definition."
danbri: According to "this is a free software license and is GPL compatible.
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