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last updated at 2003-02-08 18:44
mdupont-away: Based on redlands api
mdupont-away: CVS: cvs -z3 co dotgnu.rdf
mdupont-away: Please Comment
mdupont-away: and add your interface needs into it
mdupont: compiles with dotgnu pnet
mdupont: MD5 e4d84d45dade17c7541beb1a6131a101 54896 eulersharp_0.1-1.tar.gz
mdupont: derived from
danbri: Confirmed -- i have this compiled too.
danbri: Now what...? ;-)
mdupont: now we need to figure out how to use it
mdupont: try with -debug
mdupont: try with -trace
mdupont: There were problems with the indexing of empty arrays and empty strings in pnet
mdupont: new package uploaded
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