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last updated at 2003-02-01 07:05
eikeon: Sorry... mis-chump. Unless you are interested in seeing Python embeded in RDF ;)
DanC: Amy Felty and Stan Matwin August 2002.
DanC: "Abstract: This paper shows a new method which promotes ownership of data by people about whom the data was collected. The data owner may preclude the data from being used for some purposes, and allow it to be used for other purposes. We show an approach, based on checking the proofs of program properties, which implements this idea and provides a tool for a verifiable implementation of the Use Limitation Principle. The paper discusses
DanC: ... detail a scheme which implements data privacy following the proposed approach, presents the technical components of the solution, and shows a detailed example. We also discuss a mechanism by which the proposed method could be introduced in industrial practice."
DanC: they use the Coq proof assistant
DanC: which is packaged in debian, unlike larch
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