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last updated at 2003-01-15 23:17
dajobe: #1 search on google, for "N-Triples" ;)
danbri: I'm not quite sure what this WG will do, but it sounds like it may be in the space that CAP etc lives in.
danbri: see WS Choreography WG charter for more info.
benjamin_sonntag:|CAP Draft (updated regularly)
danbri: re <_joshua> Ooh, I could use Geo.Point and times and geourl to announce parties in spacetime!
mdupont: is the xml record for the introspector, too bad they dont use rdf
LotR: mostly dead
DanCon: bootstrap guide is good, says Ol. covers access control, says [?]
LotR: quite old, thus possibly not accurate in its sketchy CAP info
RDF Calendar Chat - participants
DanCon: Dan Connolly, W3C Technical Staff. swap/cwm hacker. WebOnt WG team contact. former HTML WG chair, XML activity lead.
garyfreder: Gary Frederick Groupware, Mozilla Calendar helper, IETF calsch reader of standards
andrea_it: Andrea Campi, I.Net/BT Ignite R&D division, libical committer
libby: Libby Miller, RDF query hacker, rdf interest group calendar taskforce contact
benjamin_sonntag: BSonntag, noc manager ( and french opensource software developper (,
LotR: Martijn van Beers, Net::ICal hacker. no url
danbri: Dan Brickley (W3C), RDF Interest Group chair and SWAD-Europe project -- rdf hacker, occasional calendarist, mozilla rdf sympathiser.
maxf: [Max Froumentin:], W3C Technical Staff, Multimodal Interaction, Voice Browser and Math WGs contact, formerly XSL. SVG/RDF/XSLT hacker.
Ol: Olivier Gutknecht, Apple iCal developer
mikep: Mike Potter, Mozilla Calendar project leader, Software developer OEone corp.
DanCon: Terry Payne (now Univ Southampton)
tim-lap: TimBL w3C, cwm hacker, iCal and Moz cal user, interested in mapping all kinds fo things into calendars, and generic RDF synch.
DanCon: hmm... where are the rules for producing ical? ...
DanCon: needs explanation of using rules to map from travel itinerary vocabulary to iCalendar vocabulary
DanCon: should explore/discuss using icalendar vocabulary more directly and/or why not.
DanCon: makes liberal use of stuff like cyc transportation vocabulary
DanCon: at 1800Z today, we'll be chatting about it. see invitation
libby: various agenda items:
libby: Benjamin Sontaag is coming along and can talk about OpenCap, an open source calendaring project he's been working on
libby: Gary Frederick has offered to talk about xcal, mozilla and getting iCal or rdf-cal? in/out of Mozilla
libby: ical and mozilla interop...timezones?
libby: relating vCalendar objects to the components they contain
libby: how to organise and describe tests
libby: year views of calendars
libby: next meeting 5pm UTC Wednesday 22nd January 2003
year views of calendars
DanCon: an agenda request for the calendaring chat
DanCon: I really miss the psion year view
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