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last updated at 2002-12-14 23:21
MarkB: feh, "tab-delimited text file"
MarkB: it's crying out for RDF
mdupont-away: not written by mdupont, but i got it running
mdupont-away: and have been given admin over the project
mdupont-away: it can connect via LWP to a login based website
mdupont-away: and parse the html
mdupont-away: links in the librdf directly
mdupont-away: written in C
golbeck: Search for two terms, and build two collections of papers
golbeck: then, search for any words that link the two bodies of literature together
golbeck: famous example - search for magnesium
golbeck: then migraines
golbeck: many links found
golbeck: ie, magnesium deficency causes spreading depression which is implemented in migraine attacks
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