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last updated at 2002-10-20 23:31
danbri: 100% RDF free, but so nifty I couldn't resist chumping it here.
danbri: I'd like to use this with RDF-annotated image fragments (the wordnet, foaf etc stuff)...
JibberJim: Something like this danbri ??
danbri: Yes, something very like that! :)
shellac: By one of the guys who did Lotus Agenda
danbri: See calendar design notes
danbri: ...and more info on expected features from Mitch K.
danbri: Not a million miles away: intertwingle from jwz.
DanConn: ah; it's already been chumped.
libby: taken with his neato nokia camera phone
danbri: lol at "I accidentally sent this pic via bluetooth to some girl at the airport"
danbri: Tell that to the police... ;-)
libby: see also Libby's photos
libby: hehehe - 'ooh you've got one of those photo phones!
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