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last updated at 2002-10-08 19:56
dajobe: their use of modelling of language is interesting, using interpretation properties after TimBL - see section A.4.3 -Language-specific strings
dajobe: avoiding xml:lang entirely - recommending against it in fact
larsbot: extremely interesting. they're a hair's breadth away from published subjects
dajobe: thought you'd like it :)
dajobe: "an XML language for sharing hierarchical faceted metadata and indexing efforts."
dajobe: seems to be related to Topic Maps (or XTM)
larsbot: made by same guy who runs easytopicmaps
larsbot: definitely XTM-inspired, and latest version uses URIs to define identity...
dajobe: XFML Core 1.0 out 2002-10-08
dajobe: looks like aiming for an "RSS 1.0" sweet-spot of simplifying things for a particular purpose
danja: facets are mutually exclusive, so something like disjointWith needed for RDFS version
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