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last updated at 2002-09-18 18:52
DanC: anybody tried this thing?
sbp: Aaron has: "I just got the program yesterday and it's an incredibly intuitive and useful way to store things."
DanC: "The biggest influence, no doubt, is Storyspace"
DanC: "for many of us, travel is one of our best opportunities to pause, reflect, and consider current projects and plans. "
DanC: "Tinderbox is great on planes and trains. It's small, agile, and fast: perfect for laptops, and easy on your battery."
DanC: still, the idea of using closed-source software to record my knowledge is pretty much a non-starter, for me.
DanC: meanwhile... "One of the key features, to my thinking, and one reason why I'm not hesitating to try different experiments with Tinderbox, is that it uses XML for data storage. Your data is not held prisoner. If the documents were some proprietary format I would have seriously hesitated before purchase. I've had far too many bad experiences with getting important data into a program and never being able to extract it. I like the XML choice for t
dajobe: he seems to grok it now, but his RSS 1.0 feed is a bit of an HTML-in-Description-field monster.
dajobe: [[Now that I understand what's going on, I for one would be very disappointed to see RDF go away from RSS. ]]
dajobe: looking for some good examples of this
danbri: Depends on software that's still not properly packaged. sorry folks. am getting there...
danbri: See also paul graham's plan for spam.
AaronSw: The bogofilter implementation of his plan has worked really well for me. There's also some good Python work going on with that too.
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