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last updated at 2002-09-12 19:40
sandro: but I still can't prove it's consistent.
sandro: The question: is this consistent?
sandro: There are lots of fairly-trivial mods one could make to this; and some less trivial. This is my most recent version.
jhendler: Gedcom has been in XML (okay RDF/XML) for a while now...
jhendler: Mike Dean's translation of Gedcom to DAML
jhendler: See also MIke's Gedcom data page
pixel: Other genealogy XMl specifications: GenealogyXML:
pixel: and
larsbot: Article on, so shorter than the TAO. (And less well-written.)
pixel: relationships defined in FOAF
shellac: Before RDF - MCF (from the people who gave you the original RDF)
danb_lap: Kinda. MCF was the closest-to-RDF RDF precursor...
shellac: (where did apple hide the original site?)
qmacro: A few comments for beginners (by a beginner), perhaps
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