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last updated at 2002-09-05 21:55
bijan: I think this is the conference JimH meant when he compared the attendence at a KR conference to that at WWW2002 developer's day, semantic web track (100 vs. 300)
bijan: Check the title of Jim's (invited) talk: "The Semantic Web: KR's Worst Nightmare?"
bijan: Jim tried to "stump me" in class with a reference to MCF :)
bijan: This is also an interesting read. Especially sec5 (the bootstrap properties and categories)
bijan: Fairly close to RDFS, though see sections 5.6 (FuctionalPropertyType) and 5.7 (mutuallyDisjoint).
bijan: Chumping it because JimH just quoted TBL's Plenary presentation at www1994.
bijan: But! It's an interesting read. Blast to the past.
bijan: Hehe, the W3C is still called the "W3O".
chaalsNCE: An attempt to create an italian-language parallel to this channel
chaalsNCE: una versione italiana de questo canale
verbosus: Fuori lo champagne!
chaalsNCE: log of the first attempt is rough but available
chaalsNCE: log dei primi minuti no bello, ma disponible
chaalsNCE: Danny Ayers suggested a newbie list open to any language. Is that smarter than multiple single language channels?
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