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last updated at 2002-09-04 21:36
filsa: old one was metamail
niq: Testing markup for compliance with WCAG and Section508
niq: EARL option makes it an operational RDF-generating system:-)
DanCon: just released 2002A spec, per press release
DanCon: hmm... not my idea of open: you have to fill out a form and execute a license agreement before you can look at their spec.
dajobe: I've seen s/w that you had to fill out a form before even seeing the license (or privacy policy)
pixel: The license states "You may copy, download, and Distribute the Documentation ..." So downloading from their website, and distributing it without the form is OK.
DanCon: ok, so I downloaded it and took a look. It's full of identifiers that aren't URIs. Sigh.
DanCon: and magic three letter disambiguators: <OTA_HotelDescriptiveContentNotifRQ>. reminds me of elisp.
DanCon: spec consists of a fairly reasonable PDF document and a pile of XML schemas in a zip file
DanCon: targetNamespace="". 404. sigh
DanCon: oh... there's also an OTA code spreadsheet. Hmm... why not XML?
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