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last updated at 2002-08-27 20:32
DanC: oops
danb_lap: From UK Berkeley and Stanford Digital Library projects
danb_lap: The data is freely available ("unencumbered").
larsbot: Finally this site has a top page. (With information about JTC1/SC34/WG3.)
DanC: thanks; this is quite responsive to some inquiries/requests I made at Extreme Markup earlier this month
DanC: see also issues list topicmap, thru ontopia viewer
AaronSw: "it is marked with 18 internationally used genetic locus which are chosen from the long chain of human cytogenetic information carrier DNA molecules. In the combination of the 18 genetic locus, with the exception of one egg giving birth to twins, it is difficult for one to find out such a circumstance wherein two persons out of 10 billion people are completely the same."
AaronSw: foaf:humanGenomeChecksum just got a lot less funny.
danb_ick: Followup to his original FOAF overview; this pieces focusses on "the Friend-of-a-Friend vocabulary addresses issues of accountability and privacy"
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