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last updated at 2002-08-21 22:07
sbp: by Joseph Reagle; "a personal draft with no standing"
sbp: announced on www-rdf-interest (and rss-dev)
sbp: reminds me of Memesh. Also relevant: Conversations and State
sbp: in fact, hasn't just about everyone working on the Semantic Web and UI come up with ideas like this? perhaps it's time to pool ideas
JibberJim: RDF is found at
JibberJim: RDF generated by the Image Annotation Client
JibberJim: ASV required, for the SVG based RDF parser. (my Batik port is almost there, but not yet...)
danbri: Very cool! Any chance of a wrapper HTML page pointing to the various bits? (image, SVG, RDF, summarising code...?)
azaroth: SOAP based Search/Retrieve/Sort proposal from Library of Congress, now in pre 1.0 comment phase.
DanConn: please tell me they use GET.
danbri: Don't they get GET for free if using SOAP 1.2?
DanConn: huh? SOAP 1.2 has no support for GET. The specs just say "don't use this if you're doing GET-like stuff," no?
azaroth: SOAP 1.1 SRU is URL version, SRW is SOAP version. SRW allows for XML based query of indefinite length, so GET wouldn't be appropriate.
danbri: This uses SOAP 1.1. See the SOAP 1.2 Primer for summary of the changes in 1.2.
MarkB: they don't get GET for free, they get it if they know to use it. It's not clear that most Web services people do. GET is for returning WSDL, isn't it? 8-(
reagle-tu: | Reagle's busy spunge draft
DanConn: reminds me of Is anything better than paper?
DanConn: ... and planning/records in my research notebook
DanConn: these days, I use a system of peers, with synchronization rituals and redundancy.
libby: probably been chumped before, but dead useful
libby: also eric miller's witeup
libby: not-finished RSS+events version
Talliesin: This document aims to explain the RDF nature of RSS to those who have at least passing familiarity with RSS, but who have little or no knowledge of RDF (those of you who do know about RDF but still don't like it will have to wait for another document for me to argue against you☺, those of you grok RDF and like it are invited to comment on my, no doubt flawed, explanation). It will begin with a very simple (over-simple?) explanation of RDF and th
Talliesin: It will begin with a very simple (over-simple?) explanation of RDF and then construct an RSS document in a "cookbook" manner, examining its RDF at each step.
dajobe: kills my mozilla browser - beware
libby: also includes various skical properties. He says: thanks to Stockholm visitors Board for lettign him ues their copyrighted material
libby: there's also Economics LTSN's conferences feed
libby: SWeb conferences, SWAD-Europe events
libby: I thought someone said that oreilly had one for their events feed but I guess I must be wrong
libby: chump doesn't seem to do html entities - they get escaped via the xml :(
libby: oh, I forgot, interesting problem Par came up against - repeatig events in stockholmtown's system have the same uri. this won't work for the RSS+events displayer I set up
libby: maybe it would work with standard RSS 1.0 displayers?
dajobe: i've just tidied the XSLT; it now deletes all the joins/leaves/left messages which removes a lot of useless info near netsplits
dajobe: also the output is now XHTML since newer Sablotron versions can output that
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