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last updated at 2002-07-24 21:32
bijan: Lots of interesting stuff including a number of useful looking ontologies.
bijan: Argh. They aren't as useful as they looked :)
tim-away: Found by Libby
DanC: see also: sniffSchema.n3
tim-half: Not yet a working draft from the Web Ontology WG
tim-half: Presumably paradox free...
dajobe: it's a hoot
tim-half: Keeps rdf:type, but owl:Class is notrdfs:Class. Lost unambiguousProperty, daml:equivalentTo, ...
sbp: "Individual-valued properties can also be specified to be symmetric, functional, inverse functional, or one-to-one." - i.e. adds SymmetricProperty, renames unique/unambiguous, and adds a uniq/unambig intersection
tim-half: But that is only for diviidual-valued properties. data-valued properties are distinct (for some reason) and only have functional, not inverse-functional -- according g to the text
DanCon: a proposal to remove owl:equivalentTo
DanCon: leaving just sameClassAs, samePropertyAs, sameIndividualAs
DanCon: I saw an internal message about a relevant machine being down.
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