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last updated at 2002-07-23 23:56
danbri: "Another, more robust way of referring to resources is via descriptions."
danbri: ...this bit could be fleshed out in a few ways. The last TAP stuff I saw was too heuristicy for my taste.
burtonator: updated description and renamed the module mod_reference based on feedback from danbri
DanCon: hmm..
danbri: O'Reilly article on chat bots, focussing mainly on Jabber stuff. Interesting re meeting-assistant bot and other themes close to w3c-ish todo lists...
JibberJim: "The implementation linked below is for research only. Seriously. "
burtonator: An example of Wired listing links to related resources. entitled 'Related Wired Links: '
danbri: (and hence RDF vocabulary)
burtonator: This (mod_related) is an RSS 1.0 module for syndication of 'related' content. This provides the addition of resources which may quality as further reading with respect to the current item.
danbri: This confused me initially, since in RDF all data is modeled in terms of relationships, having an extension just for saying 'this is related to that', without saying how it is related, didn't seem to add much information.
danbri: Re-visiting, the phrase 'further reading' jumps out. That seems a bit more specific, but still pretty vague. Are these 'related' items 'further reading' because they're (i) on the same topic (ii) by the same author (iii) etc?
danbri: If topic-centred, the taxonomy module might be relevant...?
burtonator: an example of how mod_related could be used in the wild.
danbri: Perhaps 'references' or 'previous coverage' might be part of the answer? ie. when there's an ongoing story/thread/narrative connecting up various items...? (xmlhack being good example of this...)
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