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last updated at 2002-07-19 17:53
MarkB: and other goodness
danbri: Where did Roy get this idea about RDF from? He says nothing I disagree with.
danbri:, apart from the bit where he complains about RDF, obviously.
sbp: <MarkB> afaik, it first came up on
sandro: Tim, do you disagree with anything up until the point he starts talking about RDF (the last two paragraphs)? I think mostly he's just misunderstanding RDF. RDFers are rarely concerned with representations -- just with identity, which we imagine the same way he does. log:contents gets at the (a) representation, and there's cool stuff to do there, but it's not a major use of RDF. None of this is a test case for whether http://.../car
sandro: is the car, or a page about the car, or whatever.
tim-half: Roy's message at first talks about "Resources" and "Represenations" in an an abstract way which is quite compaitble with my model, with my definitions of the words. That is how thse problems arise.
tim-half: He then adds emotion "If you do not accept that fact then you don't recognize the existence of the Web, and therefore any further discussion is pointless"
tim-half: Roy seems to think that the RDF people confuse a representation of a resource with a resource. I don't think they do. I don't. I also distinguish between a person and their home page. Which Roy doesn't seem to.
tim-half: <MarkB> what makes you think Roy doesn't distinguish? <timbl> When a URI is that of a page about a robot, he says that the URI identifies the robot. When I ask about the web page, he gets mad that i am talking aboyt a representation of the robot.
tim-half: For me, the abstract document is an important object, is identified by URIs, and is not muddled with its represnetations (which are pairs fo bitstrings and mime types). For him, all those representations are representations fo the robot not of its home page.
sandro: The addition of 3 other (useful, different) web pages about the robot will make it very clear to everyone that the URIs simply identify web pages about the robot.
MarkB: With no other information other than a URI, and that a GET returns an HTML page describing a robot, most people will use the URI to identify the robot. Ergo, the URI identifies a robot. If that's not what the publisher wants, they need to configure their web server and/or content to communicate what they do want to say.
sandro: they're just being humanly sloppy. If there's a pedantic geek in the bunch, they'll correct it to "the robot mention/described/discussed/etc on".
sandro: In fact, no one uses URIs in conversation, they refer to web pages. "You can learn about Robby on his page, which is linked from my page."
MarkB: it's me, 'cause I say so
tim-half: The home page of someone who joins the ranks of those who confuse themselevs with their home pages.
MarkB: heh. nope, i just realize I have two things with identity, so need two URIs. identifies my HTML "web page"
bijan: By Kendall Clark
bijan: Talks about DAML-S and Semantic Web Services
bijan: But more, it talks about how the Semantic Web and Web Services need not compete, but can work together.
bijan: And it's very very well done. I won't say Kendall exceeded himself, because he's a very good writer, but this is a fine article indeed.
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