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last updated at 2002-07-16 22:14
mdupont: The author has worked for various layout tools and wrote it as his final paper for the university of saarland
mdupont: Unfortunatly he had "Uglified" the sources
mdupont: via much persuasion the Author was convinced by mdupont to release the last three files as clear-text source files.
mdupont: unlike graphvis it is GPLed software, and does not have as many restrictions.
mdupont: but the GraphVis has more features and is used by even more free software developers because it is better.
mdupont: of course stallman does not like that :)
sbp: <dajobe> a wide range of N-Triples tests for checking N-Triples parsers
JibberJim: Paper given at SVGOpen 2002 about using RDF metadat to enhance the accessibility of SVG.
JibberJim: by Ivan Herman and Daniel Dardailler
SethR: well sailor can read it with reffoot see screen shot
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