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last updated at 2002-07-15 23:53
DanC: DAML Data Sources
DanC: a pretty good seed, if you're looking for a registry of RDF import/export adapter
DanC: complete with an offer to add more, plus a wishlist
bijan: Each list has a short, associated Resource Description Framework file. The RDF file provides metadata for sites who wish to link to the most recent messages in a particular archive.
bijan: Very cool.
DanC: yeah, nifty. We've been looking into this at W3C for a while. With our new email search, we should be able to do it.
DanC: say... that reminds me... I've been looking for reasons to lock down my email schema...
DanC: sample data?
DanC: see also:
DanC: maillist.rdf for apache dev
DanC: the properties they use seem to come from RSS, not from RFC822
JibberJim: None to successful, but some odd graphs.
DanC: libical
DanC: boy, this sure looks like an RDF API: icalcomponent_add_property(
DanC: hmm... properties that have parameters...
DanC: ooh... scary/nifty: icalcomponent_vanew
DanC: wild... includes a tiny SQL parser
DanC: "query_min: SELECT select_list FROM from_list WHERE where_list"
DanC: and another query language: psuedo-ical: DTSTART;X-LIC-COMPARETYPE=LESS:19981025T020000
DanC: hmm... some python stuff... more clues about properties: Usage: Property(dict) Where: dict is a dictionary with keys of 'name', 'value_type', and 'value'. In addition, parameter:parameter value entries may be included.
deltab: Version 2.4 Claus Tøndering 28 October 2001
DanC: full of fascinating tidbits
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