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last updated at 2002-07-14 21:18
mdupont: dont forget emacs!
javascript tutorials for language geeks?
DanC: suppose I know lots of languages, but not javascript. What should I read?
JibberJim: No idea
JibberJim: but you should probably start at the comp.lang.javascript FAQ
DanC: following my nose from that FAQ, I find Class-Based vs. Prototype-Based Languages, which helps, I think. (reminds me of that M3 scripting thingy... oblique, I think)
DanC: ... er.. obliq, that is.
JibberJim: There are 136 people in the universe.
DanC: nifty
JibberJim: 10 people were "born" since June 13th after only 4 in may .
DanC: how is the layout done?
JibberJim: See Client-side version
DanC: I don't get it; what do you mean by "client side version"?
JibberJim: Client-side version uses similar source code which you can just "view-source" to look at.
JibberJim: Uses my javascript RDF parser
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