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last updated at 2002-07-09 22:58
mdupont_: has been mentioned before
mdupont_: also: [will contain an DAML input from]
mdupont_: Could apply to
mdupont_: The MetaModel reads a MetaLanguage definition file and builds a XML::Twig parser from that.
mdupont_: It is learning to learn new attributes
mdupont_: And Dump important data
DanCon: also: output of the program
mdupont_: Not all the elements are described, some are guessed. The attributes at least
danbri_lap: This is interesting. I've been thinking about doing a XUL-subset implementation. XUL uses the same subgraph-match RDF query approach as Squish et al., but it has this notion of optional and mandatory bindings.
Seth: get the latest release of sailor agents
Seth: here is a screen shot showing some foaf instances
Seth: and here is a screen shot showing making a new foaf instance
Seth: interesting how screen shots hyperlkink back to my agent running live on my computer
DanCon: "Association represents the ability of one instance to send a message to another instance." whatever that means.
DanCon: ah... aggregation is acyclic
DanCon: hmm... urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.0:assertion
DanCon: ... is urn:oasis registered? ah; yes: A URN Namespace for OASIS
DanCon: hmm... 20 Feb 2002 last call.
DanCon: the test cases part of the spec makes it a little more clear what this is for, I think.
DanCon: hm... what's up in saml-dev?
DanCon: I see several implementations; some seem to be open source. interop testing seems to have started; e.g. 12Jun from Baltimore
danbri: I'll be trying to convince them to use use RDF. This is for software description (like .deb/.rpm, cpan etc)
danbri: So am working on a demo...
DanCon: see also:, a recent hack by timbl to grok fink metadata
DanCon: e.g. web.info3, a test result
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