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last updated at 2002-07-05 20:41
eikeon: A Python library containing an RDF/XML parser/serializer and an in memory triple store.
Morbus: :"This article discusses a key companion technology to XML toward the goal of knowledge management: the Resource Description Framework (RDF). One of the most successful applications of RDF is RDF Site Summary (RSS), which we'll use as an example."
Morbus: :What are those silver thingies at the bottom of each page, ala "Generic Editorial::xml_ogbuji_knowledge"
Seth: I believe this contains sean's n3 parser
Seth: is this a start for a common interface to sem web parsers ?
Seth: it would be nice to fix the optional period bug so that this would parse more test cases
sbp: contains the updated .g (original (and 95% of the work) by DanC)
xover: Now In New XML, EARL/RDF, and N3 Flavours.
xover: Please feel free to suggest improvements (they're badly needed). :-)
xover: Proof Of Concept client implementations would be very welcome too.
xover: Discussion happens on, or #validator on OPN.
danbri: Interesting piece on geek culture and collaboration. "People are Perl's only asset. The code can be recreated, but if the people disappear, Perl starts the quick slide into the toilet."
danbri: "A random survey of Perl's expertise include a pediatric pathologist, an MP in the National Guard, a pharmaceutical research chemist, a banjo player, an expert in go, a knife collector and wine connoisseur, a PhD in physics, some Biblical scholars, and a photographer who's designed wheelchairs and taught deaf kids math."
danbri: "Imagine what we can learn from these people if we just take advantage of it."
danbri: "This diversity is a huge challenge, too. The Perl community is literally global. The dangers of electronic communication are tough enough, but cultural differences make it worse. What may be an off-handed joke to you may be a great insult to someone from another. We owe it to Perl to watch carefully for these inadvertant slights."
golbeck: Generates web pages describing DAML ontologies.
dmiles: A snapshot of what OpenCyc 0.7 might look like?
dmiles: Thanks to Steve Reed for running public servers
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