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last updated at 2002-07-03 21:00
DanCon: by Eastlake, Sep 2001
DanCon: [[Two points of view are contrasted: the "document" point of view, where digital objects of interest are like pieces of paper, and the "protocol" point of view where objects of interest are composite dynamic protocol messages.]]
DanCon: sounds like bees and ants, eh Sandro?
sandro: Yep: Message Passing vs Shared Memory
bijan: Chumped for the nth time by me :)
bijan: Also available in the ISWC 2002 Proceedings.
sbp: :A Semantic Web API written in Python with a CWM clone, RDF diff program, blog-powering RDF bot thing, and some other junk
sbp: :Also contains an updated version of DanC's rdfn3.g
timbl: Do not rely on this being updated with new releases
timbl: Requires Python 2 or later
bijan: Doesn't everything nowadays?
bijan: Yay! I don't have to write this...
AaronSw: reminds me of the expert system (watson?) that was included with o'reilly's python book
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