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last updated at 2002-07-01 19:19
dajobe: will be continued in these logs when it gets to midnight UTC Monday
DanC: I'm using this to build an ical schema from some converted data
DanC: icalVocab
DanC: I'm particularly satisfied with the domainIntersects and rangeIntersects idioms
DanC: see Makefile in palmagent for icalVocab use case details
DanC: I started evolution, played around with calendar and tasks, saved the results, converted them to RDF using (which should now be called ...) and then sniffed a schema from the results.
server move
edd: I'm moving the hosting of this web site to a new machine.
edd: During this move, the chump bot will not be available.
edd: The DNS will be amended to point to the new location.
edd: Until it propagates to you, use to read the RDFIG Scratchpad
edd: Please report any errors or problems to me.
edd: (later) the move's done now
edd: if you're reading this, you've found the new server, congratulations.
danbri: Thanks Edd :)
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