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last updated at 2002-06-27 21:42
dajobe: (java, open source - GPL)
mdupont: is not a real link
mdupont: I have linked this before, please advise how to x-ref a concept using rdf bot and daml syntax?
jhendler: announced on RDFIG - fairly easy to use tool for going from files w/character delimited data to RDF via a simple mapping function
jhendler: good for turning excel spreadsheets into RDF - export as comma delimited, write a simple map and voila - RDF
jhendler: that should be a useful business case...
jhendler: (if someone can build some tools for using stuff in RDF :->)
jhendler: see also RDF Instance Creator a good tool for creating instances from an ontology - would be a nice add on to foaf...
mhgrove: RIC is also great for making the map files for the ConvertToRDF tool.
jhendler: mindswap group (thanks to rreck) has been scraping some sources of triples.
jhendler: lists some info on these.
jhendler: pointers to some of the sources and stores, but need a server somewhere to host
jhendler: if we want to make these all downloadable to people who want to play w/RDF querying
mdupont: a interesting mail about jena project
mdupont: Relates to the licens of project
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