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last updated at 2002-06-13 23:52
JosD: P. L. Krapivsky and S. Redner
JosD: Center for BioDynamics, Center for Polymer Studies, and Department of Physics,
JosD: Boston University, Boston, MA 02215, USA
JosD: d.d. June 10, 2002
DanC: November 18, 2002 The Wyndham City Center Washington DC, USA
DanC: Paper submissions due: July 15, 2002
AaronSw: I'm not sure what real hackers are supposed to submit. Explanations why it's impossible, perhaps?
DanC: nifty: DRM and privacy, from EPIC
DanC: chuckle.. DRM helmets
AaronSw: and that classic.. The Right To Read.
AaronSw-BX: Vipul's Razor is a collaborative spam-filtering service. In their new version they've added some very semwebby features...
AaronSw-BX: "The new protocol is based on exchange of Structured Information Strings, that are similar to URIs and can be parsed with URI decoding libraries. v2 protocol supports Pipelining, which means Razor Agents can keep a connection open with server to eliminate the latency introduced by TCP 3-way handshake and 4-way breakdown for every connection. The new protocol semantics allow seamless introduction of new signature schemes. Razor v2 protocol specification
danbri: Good timing. This morning I actually plugged in RDF/FOAF shared whitelists to my spam filtering recipe. Currently it just adds another header, I'll watch for a few days to see how useful it is.
AaronSw: "The mission of the Semantic Web Science Foundation (SWSF) is to help to bring the web to its full potential. Its specific focus is to promote and organize research and education on semantic web issues. It is organized as a non-profit foundation."
danbri: There appear to be a number of mistakes in this document. A special prize for the reader who finds them all.
orNotBijan: Talks about starlog, and some other languages.
orNotBijan: "Starlog is a declarative temporal logic programming language for general purpose programming, for simulation, and for modelling reactive systems."
orNotBijan: "Starlog program consists of two components: 1. a set of timed facts describing a history of the Starlog world up to this point, and 2. a set of temporal logic rules describing how to compute a new state of the world from facts true in the previous and current states of the world."
danbri: Ok, this does look pretty interesting! Stop distracting me from duller stuff I need to do ;-)
orNotBijan: Heh. No docs that I've found yet :)
danbri: Has anyone tried it? If you do, a quick report to #rdfig would be much appreciated (by me at least)
orNotBijan: I want to try it, does that count? Compiler written in Haskell. Ouputs Java or C.
danbri: OK, I have it running via Java. Not sure what it is doing, but to let you all know installations easy (if you have linux+java running, maybe...).
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