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last updated at 2002-06-12 20:36
bijan: I didn't know that! Cool!
bijan: I really ought to play with Cecil at some point. Self on steroids (which is hard to imagine!!!)
libby: the people it knows about
libby: More info
libby: events might have been handy for planning but most are from 2001
timbl: illegal
AaronSw: (for asserting that it's a w3c WD when it is not)
DanC: PatH to RDFCore, 1 Jun 2002
danb_lap: Summary of where things got up to, including a bunch of URLs. Additional URLs chumped here might be a useful way of extending / following up...
timbl: Useful summary, should be linked from calendaring home page.
danb_lap: The UK LTSN (teachin'n'learnin' folk) are increasingly using RSS + events. Here's an example.
jhendler: [Bell Labs]
jhendler: Building the Semantic Web on XML
jhendler: winner of ISWC best paper
dajobe: the actual paper in PDF
jhendler: some random thoughts on the Sem web presented at ISWC
jhendler: apologies to tim b-l, there is a bit of AI in here :->
JibberJim: Much of it can be re-used for the description of description of any Images.
chaalsZZZ: The idea was to try and extract tool documentation from Dan's mind without him just writing it.
chaalsZZZ: Edited IRC log (rethreaded, some things removed)
chaalsBRS: Seems like a good idea, but needs interviewer to be well focused
danb_lap: "And whoever gets it ends up necessarily drawn into trying to make it happen".
DanCon: interesting... a semantic web article in a fairly popular medium that I don't feel the need to wretch at, dismiss, explain away, or anything like that
danb_lap: Yes, that was my reaction too. Most of the TimBL-centric pieces have been a bit cringy (not his fault) but this was kinda sweet.
MP3 rating gadget
danb_lap: Here's a mini-writeup of something I built for rating / categorising MP3s.
danb_lap: I'm not going to share the files, so you've only got my word that this exists and is nifty. Trust me.
danb_lap: Step 1: buy a remote (wireless) mouse for your Linux PC.'s is what I bought.
danb_lap: Step 2:Leave it lying around unused for a year or two.
danb_lap: Step 3: discover that decent Linux drivers exist. Plug in the base unit to PC. Track down url to mouseremote drivers, install.
danb_lap: Step 4: fiddle with sample perl script, run it so it gets prodded whenever buttons on the remote are pressed.
danb_lap: Step 5: Wire 'play' button to your 'play an mp3' script. Stop to your 'stop playing' script. Some other buttons to 'recommend this filename (by writing an rdf file)' button, or 'this sucks', or 'soft rock'...
danb_lap: Or use xmms or other tools that have a well worked out way of doing this.
danb_lap: Key thing is that I can wander aruond the house playing, stopping, recommending, or un-recommending stuff just by pressing buttons on the remote. PC being wired to stereo and being full of mp3s (for my personal use).
danb_lap: It generates a big list of files I've given thumbsup, and files I've given thumbsdown. I'm not sure about sharing that data.
edd: Your embarrassing predliction for Celine Dion will be laid bare?
danb_lap: I built this to filter out soft rock that had snuck into my filetree...
danb_lap: ah, I found the driver url.
danb_lap: Art or Pron?
bijan: Or bloody cheek?
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