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last updated at 2002-06-11 23:30
AaronSw: more info: Public Access to the Public Domain
danb_lap: Very worthwhile, technically challenging, downright cool. Figure out how to help!
AaronSw: I've always thought wiki-style OCR correction would be good for this sorta thing.
bijan: "Loosely based" on vol II of his Principles of Database and Knowledge-Base Systems.
bijan: Lots of stuff on Datalog and Deductive Database systems, it seems.
AaronSw: I need to get the folks to update their DNS...
AaronSw: Until then, check out this URL.
jhendler: based on his exchange syntax
jhendler: and abstract semantics
jhendler: an interesting approach - DTs go away, but most RDF/XML documents no longer have formal Owl semantics
bijan: Aaron always chumps everything first.
edd: But I'd love to hear what you think of this, Bij
jhendler: Knowledge Technologies (IST) Web Site
jhendler: Web Site set up for info about "Knowldge technologies"
jhendler: from the IST EU funding folks who are sponsoring Swad-eu
dajobe: doesn't actually link to the IST site or the SW conference in Sardinia
dajobe: and doesn't link to any other project except ontoweb; early days I guess
AaronSw: by Guha and Pat Hayes
AaronSw: also RDF(S) Semantics based on Lbase
AaronSw: read Pat's intro
AaronSw: the basic idea seems to be mapping all the RDF langs into FOL.
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