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last updated at 2002-05-31 16:55
RDF after-hours: web-entailment, lists in the semantic domain, and other crazy ideas
DanCon: see notes
edd: "XFML is an open XML format to publish and share faceted metadata for websites."
edd: I was sent a pointer to this by the author yesterday, but am a bit dubious about it. Has anyone looked into it?
edd: Apparently, "The language is a kind of mix between some of the concepts of XTM (see ) and the ease of use of RSS, and fixes a lot of problems languages like RDF haven't been able to solve."
edd: Mentions RSS several times. I think it's trying to be the RSS of topic maps. A laudable goal, but I'm worried about the junking of existing XTM and RDF work.
danbri: Interesting piece (plugged on rest-discuss in a REST/SemWeb context), even includes a version of the layercake diagram that I actually like! :)
jonb: not so sure about that layercake
jonb: would like to see convergence at the top, rather than divergence
danbri: I like it a lot. Much clearer than TimBL's one, as you can read 'vertically above' as 'uses and requires'. There's a missing column in the middle, of data/KR apps which use and require XML+namespaces, but don't use RDF. That's where most of the industry live, btw. Oh, and XML Schema should be a separate layer of XML (I'm a schema language pluralist...), unlike namespaces. URI and Unicode should be along the bottom too, in a big horizonta
danbri: A useful looking update on progress with SMIL, and an account of "SMIL as annotations".
danbri: "When you watch even the simplest television show you're watching images composed of several layers of content: ..."
danbri: "...the actual video filmed with a camera, the logo of the channel on a corner, ... the name of the band and song etc...".
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