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last updated at 2002-05-29 20:12
DanCon: probably belongs under swap/pim, rather than here
DanCon: today's update: moved from store.every() to fmla.statementsMatching()
DanCon: my Jun itinerary, in .ics format, and Makefile for generating it from travel agent format
jhendler: Mike Casey also created this web page to report on his work as it developed
jhendler: Not sure if it is up to date, but has some pointers to some other useful GIS related stuff
jhendler: including Mapping Ontology in the daml ontology library
jhendler: interesting paper by two of my colleagues at UMCP - Mike Casey and Mark Austin
jhendler: (Mike was a student in the SemWeb course many on this chat chimed in on)
jhendler: Paper to be presented at International Conference on Decision Making and Decision Support in the Internet Age
jhendler: relates to earlier conversations re: Sem Web and GIS
jhendler: please note - it's a PDF file...
libby: I noticed it because it mentions the use of irc and wireless etc
libby: "Having a broadband internet connection anywhere in the conference was fantastic: while some were updating their weblogs live from the seminars, I relayed live pictures from my webcam and others were providing live commentary on the unofficial internet relay chat channel to people who couldn't be there."
jhendler: geee - too bad we didn't have all that stuff at WWW2002 :->
edd: it's all about packaging :)
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