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last updated at 2002-05-23 21:00
dajobe: talk I gave at XML Europe; (yeah I know title-too-long)
dajobe: all in one print version
dajobe: seemed to make the TM guys happy; I wasn't sufficently rude about XML to get much of a response from the XML crowd
AaronSw: archives
AaronSw: app-specific lists: jena-dev, rdfweb-dev, redland, rdfdb
Schemata and Ontologies for Email Messages
sbp: Dan Connolly's Knowledge Base about Internet Mail was the first hit on Google
sbp: also: the RDF version
areggiori: Graham Klyne is working on some MailToRDF in phyton and has an IETF draft about encoding rfc822 mail messages in XML
libby: by libby miller, Greg Fitzpatrick, and Dan Brickley
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