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last updated at 2002-05-12 09:10
DanC: current WWW2002 questioner recommends all web developers read this book
More WWW2002 blogs
jhendler: scraped using "RDF Scraper" (open code)
jhendler: Rohit says this would be hard to do...
jhendler: use dc and ical
AaronSw: details of the scraper
Chump credits
edd: I should point out Bijan Parsia made the original idea.
edd: And Matt Biddulph did most of the Python coding.
dajobe-lap: includes RDF WG, RDF Core WG, WebOnt WG former and current members
AaronSw: This is an example annotation for the annotea presentation.
DanC: see discussion
AaronSw: updat eto photo: rohit has hair now
Handling Metadata within an RDF-based P2P Network by Siegfried Handschuh, Wolfgang Nejdl, Steffen Staab, n
dajobe-lap: plus many other people who worked on it
dajobe-lap: demos of the KAON tools
em-hi: by David Huynh, David Karger, and Dennis Quan
dajobe-lap: continuing WWW2002 devday semantic web track
dajobe-lap: see also yesterdays chump
dajobe-lap: presentation by Dennis Quan (demoing) and David Huynh, MIT AI lab
dajobe-lap: Intro to Haystack - how to get it from cvs
dajobe-lap: available in 2-3 months. cost is TBD
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