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last updated at 2002-05-11 23:33
jhendler: as em is talking, we are adding
jhendler: please don't click on it
AaronSw: slides are now up in OmniGraffle and PNG
jhendler: described by Brian Mcbride in SW developers day
jhendler: some of Mike Dean's contributions to DAML and some links to some other people's stuff
dajobe-lap: 404 just now
RDFAuthor: Enabling everyone to author RDF
dajobe-lap: presented by Libby Miller, work mostly done b y Damian with bits by Libby and Dan Brickley
dajobe-lap: temporary rdf author: Damian's home page
dajobe-lap: libbys presentation - RDFAuthor: enabling everyone to author RDF
dajobe-lap: demoed the codepiction demo
shellac: Oops - broke import in JFC RDFAuthor just before uploading
shellac: Works now
dajobe-lap: Emmanuel Pietriga
dajobe-lap: Rob Corell, Adobe
dajobe-lap: (PDF of course :)
dajobe-lap: chat near here
dajobe-lap: see XMP dev area on adobe site
AaronSw: mac/win SDK available under "open source" license, but they have patent claims
dajobe-lap: DAML version
AaronSw: i18n part might need some Unicode fonts
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